Get periodic production data, reports and critical alarms through SMS, email, IVRS or on large screens. Based on the data collected our SAMA software does advanced calculations & logical processing required for intelligent production reporting; and generates trigger/Alert as well as provides visibility over the web. It caters to all - oil & gas, minerals & mining, power & distribution, pharma & food; production, storage & distribution – process as well as batch.

Types of Alerts

Users can be alerted by different means: Alerts via sms, email, Telephony (IVRS), PLC or audio speakers or alarms / messages on large video screens or OPC

Alerts categories

Value beyond limits: When production data such as PV, Ave, max, min, sum, deviation, ROC, statistical, totalizer exceeds or goes down a pre-configured limit, alerts can be sent. It can also be sent based on incremental data of these to reflect changes in production say every hour.

Production Data: Send process values of important tags by sms or email. Send, say 8 tags periodically. One set of tags can be sent to a group of users, while another set can be sent to different users and so on.

Alarms & events: Binary Signal condition, process alarms, system alarms, Persistence of Alarm beyond the configured time limit, same alarm getting repeated more than pre-configured number of times in a given duration, logical combination

Reports:Periodic or event triggered (such as upset) or user requested report generation of production data as listed above or alarms. Templates can be defined with Microsoft XL easily and used in report generation.


Escalation based on time-in-alarm as well as frequency can be configured. If an alarm stays for more than 5 minutes, it can be escalated. If it alarms more than a certain number of times in a time window, then also it can be escalated.

Process Data capture

Via OPC UA, DA / HDA; ODBC, flat files: Process values such as PV, CV can be captured from DCS OPC DA/HDA server by our OPC client and stored in SAMA RT Historian. Calculations for production reporting such as average, maximum, minimum, totalizer, standard deviation, variance, sum of tags, deviation, ROC as well as incremental production data over period of time (say 15 min or 1 hour or 8 hour etc) are done in SAMA RT Historian.

If calculations and process data archiving are not required, then we offer our Real time OPC DA to AE generator software. With DA-AE Generator, you can configure alarm limits on integer values, dead band and have functions such as =,>,<, in between etc.

Alarms capture

Process alarms:We can capture alarms through (a) Ethernet/OPC AE/ODBC or (b) OPC DA or (c) serial connection.

System alarms: If these are not available through above mechanisms, DCS / PLC card fail or other diagnostics can be captured by our Alarm server through SNMP protocol; or capture these events through printer ports, either serial or Ethernet.

Alarms & Events generated by OPC server / DCS / PLC captured as above are stored in SAMA AE server. Analysis and alarm metrics modules can be added as and when required.

User Management

The software has provision for creation of user with details of Email, Mobile Numbers and other interface. Also it is possible to define user group wherein one should be able to add the no. of users as defined above in the group