Supra Alarm Alerts & Escalation

SAMA Alarm Alerts & escalation is a standard product, yet easily configurable to ensure prompt alerting of concerned users. Ours is an interactive system. For example, you send out e mail. User can reply to the e mail with attachments which can be photos or videos or reports. There is a viewer in the software to show up these.

Data Logger

Captures data from serial or Ethernet ports-typically data from DCS, SCADA, PLC, SOE, SNMP Traps, Files, ftp, OPC A&E, O PC DA and ODBC. Additional interfaces are direct database connectivity as well as interfaces to Bacnet, Lon works and IEC interfaces such as 61850.

Real-time events Generator

Browse for OPC DA server, connect to it, define alarm settings on Process Variables, read and generate events as data changes occur.

Alarm Alerts

Alerts can be sent based on Logical processing of events. Alerts can be made via Email, SMS, Dial out, audible alerts by speakers, PLC DO, Modbus, Interactive messaging can be achieved by Dialling in or SMS-in or E mail-in. Optional features include Escalation , Shift Rota configuration.

Escalation based on time-in-alarm as well as frequency can be configured. If an alarm stays for more than 5 minutes, it can be escalated. If it alarms more than a certain number of times in a time window, then also it can be escalated.

Shift Rota Industrial units operate on the basis of shifts. Shift Rota enables alerting personnel based on the shift coverage, general shift, holidays and leave status.

Alarm Bands Designed to display as multiple alarm bands on large video screens. Bands can be based on priority of event. Chattering alarms can be excluded. Latest alarm appears on the leftmost window and so on. This can also be used as Dynamic annunciator windows.

Auto Printing All events or selected messages based on pre-defined search criteria can be printed in real-time. T ext files can also be generated based on logical processing of events.