Document Manager

Can I maintain & view all my plant documentation in single application?

Can I maintain different versions?

I know whether Alarm & Trip set points are same as per design or are they changed without approval?

Can we do Alarm Rationalization? How do we handle Alarm set points for different process modes?

Is there an efficient context sensitive Operator help in place, apart from his access to different docs?

DM Archiver:

Plant documents can be classified as Static & Dynamic.

Static Documents include Engineered Documents such as P&ID as well as Process Flow drawings, Data sheets & specifications, Instrument index,point data base, hook up or installation drawings, power supply & distribution, loop drawings etc; Device or system manuals; procedures and standards.

Dynamic Documents are those which are changed frequently, say instrument ranges, alarm & trip points as well as tuning parameters. These may be changed on throughput level such as 25%, 100% 125% etc or different feed or fuel changes. Here, there is a need to compare Design data and current data to see changes. It may also be necessary to change these data. The proposer user proposes changes; approver user approves changes. Then these become part of Design data. Dynamic data is retrieved from control systems typically through OPC. This can be scheduled or on demand.

All documents are provided with access control as well as version control. Reports can be scheduled to see changes.

DM Client:

All documents can be viewed in multiple ways:

View by asset, by document or query.

Print documentation as and when required

Periodic or on demand audit trail for all changes done

Operator Assist Module:

Operator is provided with Real time context sensitive help message with Description of alarm, potential consequences if action is not taken, time to respond & action to be taken; operator can add comments which is stored and viewable by others.

Alarm Rationalization Module:

To ensure consistency in alarm & trip point settings for similar equipment - query by tag taype or equipment

To ensure correct priority is calculated for alarms - Identify severity of consequence, Specify time to respond & correct, derive priority with XL tool.

To correct mis-configured settings

To correct alarm setting for nuisance / chattering alarms

To remove Duplicate alarms

To reduce configured alarms for reducing uncontrollable alarm load

To aid in multi process mode alarm systems

Audit & enforce

Ordering information:

SAMA Historian 500,3000,10000,100000 tags

Number of concurrent viewers 1,5,10,25, 50

Optional Dynamic Data Management

Optional Rationalise module

Optional Operator Assist Module