Document Manager

SAMA Document Manager provides complete solution for all your Plant documentation needs- Engineered Documents such as P&ID or Process Flow drawings, Data sheets & specifications, Instrument index, point data base, hook up or installation drawings, power supply & distribution, loop drawings; equipment or system manuals; procedures and standards.

It helps in maintaining these documents in an highly encrypted form with powerful user access control and version control. Proposer user can add new documents or propose changes with a new version. Approver user approves and it becomes available to assigned users for view.

DM Archiver:

All documents are provided with access control as well as version control. Reports can be scheduled to see changes. Documents can be imported by specifying name, type, location etc im Microsoft XL. Again these have to proposed and approved to be part of Document Manager. IO Allocation XL can be imported to derive documents such as loop diagrams. Print documentation as and when required.

DM Client:

DM Client All documents can be viewed in multiple ways - View by document, query or asset.

View by Document

Documents are displayed here based on Document structure. Earlier version documents can be viewed by clicking the hyperlink for Older versions of the document.

View by Query:

Documents shall be queried here from the DM Server based on two types.

a. Based on Plant Assets

(Plant, Area, Unit, Equipment and Tags).

b. Based on Text in Document

(User can search documents based on random texts.

Eg pdf type documents from SAMA DM Server will be scanned to identify the document containing the text.

View by Asset:

Documents can be browsed based on the defined Plant Asset structure (Plant, Area, Unit, Equipment and Tags)

Audit trail view: Periodic or on demand audit trail for all changes done are provided.

Related products- Dynamic Data Management

Dynamic data such as Alarm settings, instrument ranges etc can also be maintained, via a secure OPC DA client.

Can I know whether Alarm & Trip set points, ranges are same as per design or are they changed without approval?

Can we have access & version control for all configurable parameters and know which are the ones approved?

Dynamic Data are those which are changed frequently, say instrument ranges, alarm & trip points as well as tuning parameters. These are retrieved from control systems typically through OPC. Retrieval can be scheduled or on demand, through user friendly HMI- queries based on instrument, equipment, type. Multiple user roles.

Secure OPC Client with read - write access on a per tag level basis is offered.

Discrepency List

you can query for Dynamic Data and view them, make changes, propose and approve. Periodically, say review unauthorized changes everyday via Discrepancy list. Authorized Enforcer users may write these changes to control system OPC server through secure OPC Client.

Change management Life cycle: Need to change - propose - approve - enforce via Secure OPC Client - change design data.

Enterprise portal

Enterprise portal-You can browse alarms, process values with trends and tables, Deviation reports, view documents - all from a single portal. It can also display reports generated by other sources. Note drill down structure on the left for accessing pages and reports - by server or by asset.