Enterprise solutions

SAMA Enterprise Solutions is Watch your production and performance live, wherever you are, whatever device you may have.

Optimize based on efficiency.

Predict upsets.

Maintain plant documents.

Improve plant safety.

Root Cause Analysis.

Salient Features

● Responsive web design and web API

● Define source and access rights

● Create pages- combining sources with real time data, production data, alarms & events, lab reports, scheduled reports, KPI, trends, tables

● User specific portal display.

Performance Monitoring

SAMA RT Historianfeatures include process data collection via multiple OPC, ODBC and other sources, large tag capacity & Database.Calculations required for production reports as well as analysis– Max,Min, Ave, Totalizer, sum, ROC, deviation, statistical, incremental values,alias on boolean and integer values; dynamic parameter setting basedon conditions are provided as standard feature. Seamlessly connects toRT viewer, web server as well as other applications.

IOT- With Internet of things technology we communicate with otherremote sources.

Interactive Reporter.

Quicker configuration for production or management reports with all the calculations you may need. Seamlessly interfaces to our Historian as well as OPC & ODBC souces. View reports dynamically –instead of only after generation. Add your comments before creating reports; add manual values for measurements that do not exist. XL add-in as well as conversion to pdf. Delivery by email; supports html -view from web or from Report viewer.

SAMA RT Calculator

works with real time as well as historical values independently from OPC or SAMA Historians. It is easily configurable. No limits on number of calculations or pages. Enter as an expression and see the calc blocks interconnected. Multiple functions including matrix as well as standard calculation library are provided.

Alarm Server, Analysis, Dynamic alarms

Alarm Server, Analysis, Dynamic alarms- Connects to multiple sources - OPC, ODBC, SNMP, capture prints & graphics. Analysis with dynamic charts as required by EEUMA & ISA standards for Priority Distribution, Standing alarms, stale alarms, unacknowledged alarms, frequency, time-in-alarm & between alarms, alarm sequence display, chattering alarms and symptomatic alarms.

Rationalization module provides tools for Alarm Rationalization including priority derivations. Operator Assist helps user with interactive context sensitive help upon arrival of an alarm.

Dynamic Alarm management involves automatic changing of Alarm set points, tuning parameters; enabling or disabling alarms based on plant conditions such as change in feed mix or product pattern or throughput changes or equipment status.

Decision support systems

SAMA Decision support system is based on Decision Tree method and includes probability calculations. It provides solutions to multiple scenarios based on Real time data. Condition blocks uses multiple logical operators such as and, or, >, <, in-between on real time data form different parts of plant such as storage, production, Packing, transport and utilities such as Power and water. Predict upsets.

Root Cause Analysis is exploratory. Root cause, which fulfilled the conditions, is highlighted, along with the path. Historical Root Causes can be selected and viewed as they are stored. If auto mode is chosen, auto relevance calculated (self- learnt automatically) is used to calculate adjusted probability. Real-time calculations include Relevance, Learn factor, probability and confidence level.

Process Alerts can be sent via Email, SMS, Dial out, speakers, PLC DO, Modbus. Interactive messaging can be achieved by Dialling in or SMS-in or E mail-in. Users can be alerted in groups as well as based on Shift Rota. Escalate based on time-in-alarm as well as frequency . Alarm Bands option is for displaying alarms in multiple bands on Large Video Screens.

Document Managerprovides complete solution for all your Plant documentation needs- Engineered Documents such as P&ID or Process Flow drawings, Data sheets & specifications, Instrument index, point data base, hook up or installation drawings, power supply & distribution, loop drawings; equipment or system manuals; procedures and standards.

It helps in maintaining these documents in an highly encrypted form with powerful user access control and version control. Proposer user can add new documents or propose changes with a new version. Approver user approves and it becomes available to assigned users for view.

Print documents if needed; generate documents such as Loop diagrams.

OPC products

OPC products Secure OPC Gateway, OPC Redundancy Switch, OPC Client for ODBC, OPC-Server-Server Bridge. OPC DA-HDA- DA converter, OPC server for Modbus, OPC server for ODBC. Call us to our other interfaces.

SAP / ERP integration We specialize in integration of data centres as well as with SAP / ERP systems. To Do list can be downloaded from SAP to Operator stations; Real time, incremental as well as calculated variables, custody transfer metering data, tank farm inventory, utility or electrical generation data - to name a few can be exported to higher level ERP / SAP. Planning & scheduling, production can all be integrated by us.

Enterprise portal

Enterprise portal- You can browse alarms, process values with trends and tables, Deviation reports, view documents - all from a single portal.

It can also display reports generated by other sources.

Note drill down structure on the left for accessing pages and reports - by server or by asset.