SAMA Real Time Historian features include connectivity to multiple OPC sources, industrial protocols & flat files; large tag capacity & Database. Redundant OPC servers & multiple concurrent users are supported. Calculations required for production reports are provided as standard feature. Seamlessly connects to RT viewer, web server as well as other applications. It caters to all - oil & gas, minerals & mining, power & distribution, pharma & food; production, storage & distribution.

Typical Architecture


Historian users: Redundant OPC DA/HDA/UA via wrapper; SAMA RT & Web clients; SAMA Reporter & RT Calculator

SAMA Web Client

Unique web client combines process data, batch data, Alarms & events as well as reports. This comprises of Dynamic data grids, multi-pen trends, KPI gadgets as well as Report views. Multiple user levels are provided to ensure only authorized access takes place. Graphical symbols library is available- with basic shapes or industrial symbols.

Basic Graphics

Advanced Graphic symbols library

SAMA Interactive Reporter

SAMA Interactive Reporter Multiple reports with individual report start time, duration such as daily or weekly;data interval can be defined. Quickly configure reports. It connects to OPC, ODBC sources, SAMA Real time Historian, other Historians.


● Quicker configuration for Standard reports.

● New interactive reports. View reports dynamically –instead of only after generation.

● XL add-in as well as conversion to pdf.

● Delivery by email; view from web or from Report viewer.

●Add your comments before creating reports.

Our other products include Alarm server, analysis, SMS, EMAIL alerts, Redundant OPC clients, Redundancy Service for redundant OPC servers, Root Cause analysis, Document Manager and interface to SAP/ERP systems.