SAMA Reporter

SAMA Reporter is an interactive Report Package. Multiple reports with individual report start time, duration such as daily or weekly; data interval can be defined. Quickly configure reports in minutes. It caters to

● Process units such as refineries, petrochemicals, chemical, power plants & utilities.

● Batch processes such as Pharmaceuticals; berth, truck & rail loading, pipeline transfers; blending

● Mining, Minerals & metals

● Building automation, substation automation & distributions

Innovative :

1. Quicker configuration. View graphs, trends along with data tables. Compare with equipment curves.

2.New interactive reports. View reports dynamically –instead of only after generation.

3. Add your comments before creating reports; add manual values for measurements that do not exist.

4. XL add-in as well as conversion to pdf.

5. Delivery by email; supports html -view from web or from Report viewer.

It connects to OPC, ODBC sources, SAMA Real time Historian, other Historians.

Report Access

Access: Reports can be selected from a collapsible – expandable tree. Selected report is displayed on the right side. Add-in enables user to view reports in Microsoft Excel. Audit Trail: Audit trail is maintained for report modifications or entries.

Users Levels

Simple User: All Functionality described above. Add comments. Power User: Simple user + snapshot (save) after manual data entry or selection. Admin: Create report + Power user Super Admin: User Maintenance + Assign which report to which user + which servers can be accessed by the user.

Data Sources: In general OPC DA & ODBC sources give only instantaneous values. SAMA RT Historian & RT Calculator do most of the required calculations which the user may need. OPC HDA also supported.

Ordering Information

✓ Basic Reports –Standard reports included. Data connectivity- 2 sources (OPC DA, OPC AE, ODBC)

✓ Add-on data sources –Add additional connectivity requirement- 2,4,8,12,16

✓ Advanced Reports ✓ Enhanced Reports ✓ *SAMA RT Historian ✓ SAMA RT Calculatorr ✓ **SAMA AE Historian

Sample Reports

Enterprise portal All reports, segregated by area, unit or equipment can be viewed from SAMA enterprise web portal. Reports can be combined with process graphics, alarm data on the web portal.