SAMA Secure OPC Gateway

Advance applications use OPC DA clients to write to control system OPC servers. At the global level, only parameters that can be written to can be defined. Individual tag level read / write access can be defined. Further OPC write can be time limited- write within a time limit or sent to failed list. Audit trail of all writes are maintained. Only authorised users can permit writes.

SAMA Modbus OPC Server

No limit on number of RTUs or tags are imposed by us on this product.. This OPC Server interacts with Modbus supportive devices via TCP that includes Unlimited Register Access, Range Mapping, Import facility for Tag Naming of Registers and Scaling for Register Values. For other industrial protocols, contact us.


This OPC Server seamlessly connects with different ODBC sources and provides the Process values through SAMA OPC DA Server. Multiple source connectivity, Multiple Table connectivity is possible for taking the Process values from ODBC.

SAMA OPC Redundancy Switch

Seamlessly connect to redundant OPC DA & HDA servers. Features include csv tag import, auto switch over and manual switchover, retry and number of retries before switchover are standard features.

For continuous processes, number of tags. For batch, number of streams of batch & batch details SAP connectivity method: ODBC or web API or Client DLL

SAMA OPC Converter

Post your data from multiple.OPC sources to a single OPC server and avoid communication & performance issues. This is a highly robust and reliable OPC convertor which is useful in converting DA Server Tags to HDA and vice versa.

Ordering Information Number of tags

SAMA OPC DA - Alarm Events generator in Real time

OPC DA to Alarms & events generation with configurable set points, dead-band and operators such as >, < , =, Not equal to, between. Alert personnel with SMS, e mail, audio or telephony when limits are exceeded OR escalate. Send message to Large Video screen

SAMA AE Logger & Analysis

Logs alarms and events from multiple OPC AE & DA sources & stores in secures database. AE can be viewed with search, sort, filter features. Analysis to ISA 18.02 & EEUMA 191 standards are done. ASMS, email & telephony alerts as well modbus interface to PA system are available.

SAMA OPC Viewer, Text file Converter

Connect & Browse OPC servers; Auto define tags as per tag list, Convert your OPC DA, HDA and AE data to text files in real time. Export snapshot to Microsoft XL, hrml or pdf. No DCOM issues.