SAMA OPC Products

SAMA SAP or ERP interface can post your production & consumption data to SAP or ERP systems. Further, instructions from Planning or scheduling or SAP / ERP can be transferred to control systems. Multiple connectivity options are available such as web posting or client to ERP/SAP systems or OPC and ODBC.

Data from control system can be production or consumption data; both from continuous process and batch processes. Examples of continuous process data are production & consumption quantities such as instantaneous values, averages, maximum & minimum values, sum and totaliser values, statistical data such as standard deviation & variance as well as incremental values on all these. Analysis results or lab can be integrated.

Examples of batch data include Mass flow meters (MFM) or tank gaging in custody transfer applications, blending & pharma applications.

Ordering Information :

For continuous processes, number of tags. For batch, number of streams of batch & batch details SAP connectivity method: ODBC or web API or Client DLL

SAMA OPC Redundancy Switch

Seamlessly connect to redundant OPC servers. Features include csv tag import, auto switch over and manual switchover, retry and number of retries before switchover are standard features.

SAMA OPC - OPC DA Converter

Post your data from multiple.OPC sources to a single OPC server and avoid communication & performance issues with this product.

SAMA OPC Viewer, Text file Converter

Connect & Browse OPC servers; Auto define tags as per tag list, Convert your OPC DA, HDA and AE data to text files in real time. Export snapshot to Microsoft XL, hrml or pdf. No DCOM issues.

SAMA OPC DA - Alarm Events generator in Real time

OPC DA to Alarms & events generation with configurable set points, dead-band and operators such as >, < , =, Not equal to, between.

Alert personnel with SMS, e mail, audio or telephony when limits are exceeded

SAMA Modbus OPC Server

No limit on number of RTUs or tags are imposed by us on this product.. For other industrial protocols, contact us.

SAMA AE Logger & Analysis

Logs alarms and events from multiple OPC AE & DA sources & stores in secures database. AE can be viewed with search, sort, filter features. Analysis to ISA 18.02 & EEUMA 191 standards are done. ASMS, email & telephony alerts as well modbus interface to PA system are available.