Interface for Triconex SOE PC

This software works as a standalone package or part of our SAMA Alarm Management software.

The Triconex SOE PC records new alarms and events from Triconex PLC and stores them for a limited period, but can be viewed only through its SOE software (Triconex is trade mark of Schneider-Electric).

SAMA interface for Triconex SOE PC makes this data available to external world -

- auto prints AE messages as and when they occur.

- make it simultaneously available to third party alarm management systems

Following additional features are available in the system:

1. Headers can be added automatically to the output so that data identification can be made easy.

2. Preprocessor provided can translate strings automatically (to make messages meaningful)

Simple installation & configuration - install, define source of SOE PC database, location for temporary files and finally select one more printers (or other alarm management systems)

Formatted process alarms in typical client window

Formatted system alarms in typical client window